Sunday, 9 July 2017

@Phil Fantastic Voyage Resubmission

Reflective Statement

I encountered many issues with this project so I will try to cover as many as possible. Firstly I wish I had set myself a more challenging idea to complete as the basis for my idea is quite simple in style and concept, part of this being the lack of intricate 3D models. This is a problem from my designs as none of my designs were complicated in maya, they were all basic shapes. Whereas I would really like to challenge myself in maya in the future as I feel I am very adept with the software. I hope on the next project I can set myself something that is way harder to achieve so that I can be more proud of what I have produced. Over the course of making this project I had many problems with my computer and had to replace components meaning I had to wait to be able to render. The issue with this is that once I had rendered and then exported from Premiere Pro there were issues I noticed with frame lag and issues with the toon outlines which had been a struggle for the whole process, but at this point I didn't have time to re render the majority of scenes. I should have found a better way to create outlines than converting toon outlines to polygons as this proved a struggle to get right and had issues with rendering. The next big problem I had was my decision to colour key out the background and replace with an animated matte background. The colour key wasn't as good as I expected and you can still see pixelated areas of colour where it didn't fully key it. Overall I felt I managed time fairly well with this project but didn't take into account unexpected occurences such as issues with my computer. However I did feel that I achieved the style of video that I hoped to. If I'd had more time I would have re-rendered some of the shots and spent more time on the sound design. Despite all of this I feel like I have learnt a lot in creating this animation by encountering problems and overcoming them.

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