Friday, 23 September 2016

Flash Lesson #1 Morph

In this lesson we had to create an animation where a character morphs into a vegetable and then an animal.

Creating a monster in illustrator

In today's lesson with Simon we were tasked with creating a monster first on paper then on illustrator based on the monsters from 'Monsters Inc.' with a given amount of legs, eyes and arms as well as a stereotype. The stereotype I was given was bookworm.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Perspective Exercise

Today I tried out different point perspective exercises, although having previously done this I thought it best to remind myself and try out the three different styles, single point, 2 point and 3 point perspectives which work on which perspective you are looking at the objects from. I find that this will be very helpful when it comes to designing a city from various perspectives. Such as the 2 point would be good for an establishing shot, and the 3 point good for interior.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Life Drawing 21.9.16

In our first lesson of life drawing we did 2 15 minute poses where it was more accurate then 5 15 minute poses where we tried to get the figure down as quick as possible, experimenting with continuous line drawing and trying to be more open about the way we draw trying new styles of getting form down on paper.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Photoshop Lesson #1

In this lesson we worked on life drawing by redrawing two images, one black and white one coloured, we then blocked out the colours and tried to recreate the image.
In the next exercises we worked on painted thumbnails for Baucis and Esmeralda, trying out the lasso tool for Esmeralda

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Concept Artist Research - Patrick O'Keefe

Patrick O'Keefe is a concept artist for various games (including Dead Space 3, Oblivion and Battlefield) and adverts for large companies such as Mercedes, Mcdonalds and many more. Taken from his website "A Visual Story Artist for film, video games, television and commercials, Patrick O'Keefe is also an Illustrator for web and print as well as a Muralist for community projects.". The reason I chose him as my concept artist to research is that he has many different styles and many examples to look at in comparison to other concept artists' work I found online. His style can vary widely depending on who or what he is producing the art for, showing that he isn't an artist that stays in his comfort zone and is able to draw many different styles. This is good when it comes to research as a lot of inspiration can be taken from the various styles.

These two examples can show the vast difference, the first one being more simpler geometric style to a more realistic piece of art for a game that aims for realistic graphics. All his work obviously catering to the client's needs and desires. In every bit of art it is clear there is a specific colour scheme in place that fits the feel that the piece of art is trying to achieve. I especially like his artwork for the game Dead Space 3.

I really appreciate the amount of detail put into this, while it still looks rough in places I feel this is part of the style. It's not meant to be crisp looking as it is trying to convey the feel that is wanted for the game, which is very much a corridor-type science fiction game with dark gritty elements which I feel this artwork captured perfectly. I haven't played this game but the artwork speaks mountains for it and conveys a lot just with the colour tone and type of detail in it. Obviously a lot of research was put into this as it has similarities to other science fiction games or films set on spaceships, such as the grated floor, tubing and blacked out windows as well as all the details added into the walls which you would expect on a spaceship. There is so much going on in these pictures that it gives you such an idea of how the game would be and the overall style of it.

I would encourage everybody to check out his blog as it has a wide array of different styles of art that inspiration can be taken from.