Monday, 19 September 2016

Photoshop Lesson #1

In this lesson we worked on life drawing by redrawing two images, one black and white one coloured, we then blocked out the colours and tried to recreate the image.
In the next exercises we worked on painted thumbnails for Baucis and Esmeralda, trying out the lasso tool for Esmeralda


  1. Well done, Jack :)

    See link:

  2. Hey Jack. It's been great seeing you post all of this week. Nice job on getting the work done and up on your blog.

    I think you can start to explore tonal range more expressively. These paintings are all a little soft and transparent. Try using darker and lighter values to describe the different forms in your city. And remember to post sketchbook pages as well. Would be great to see some traditionally drawn thumbnails.