Friday, 7 October 2016

Invisible Cities OGR

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  1. 10/10/2016

    Hi Jack,

    Just wanted to say how striking some of your colour comps are looking - see feedback on your most recent post re. rim-lighting.

    Okay - this is the thing I want you to deal with now - SCALE. Octavia is a city, not a settlement and right now it looks as if you're drawing a village of hanging houses as opposed to dealing with the idea of Octavia being a vast, sprawling city suspended between vast mountains. You need to think too about the range of buildings we might expect to find in a city - so the palaces and the parliament, the theatres and the cathedrals, the rich areas and the poor areas and so on. While you've established this organic 'pod' design for domestic-scale dwellings, I'd be fascinated to see you think about the architecture of the 'tower-block' sized building, and the architecture of the cathedral. How would the logic of the hanging pod upscale credibly to deal with scale? In terms of the transport system between these various areas, what would have consist of? In terms of the hierarchy of the city - would the rich live 'on top' because they would have the daylight, while the poor live in the 'middle' of all the dangling structures and at the bottom of the ravine where there is no or little light? This is what makes Octavia such an exciting challenge - it's the logistics of a huge, hanging CITY! Some references to help the juices flow:

    You need to think bigger and more expansive - you need to FILL the ravine between the two mountain ranges. In terms of your 'interior' painting, this is when considering some of the practical questions about Octavia can give you a 'special' space - the point of the interior composition is to tell us something more about the way this city functions or it's people behave, so thinking about transport, energy, government, social hierarchy and farming (for example) can offer up some non-generic choices. Avoid showing us domestic interiors - so the interior of one of those hanging huts - go for something that tells us something more/new about Octavia :)