Thursday, 17 November 2016

What If? Metropolis - Another rough concept

The short story for this city, is that it was once the largest airport in the world but was abandoned, all the buildings are made from the materials and structures leftover. Every bit of building and any decoartion is made from disused materials found across the area.

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  1. Okay - so I have to ask the question: if Nevelson had a whole city to imagine and design, is there a reason why her interests and thematic preoccupations would inspire her to design an airport? There might be. For example, Douy's Charley Harper world is going to feature an airport, because Harper loved birds and was fascinated by flight. This makes perfect sense to me. Have you considered the relationship between what you're showing us in this digital set and what Nevelson would particularly feel compelled to design in terms of her metropolis? Is there a connection between her work, her methods and the vista? Why an airport for Nevelson?