Monday, 19 December 2016

What If? Metropolis - Reflective Statement

Over the course of this project I learnt many skills but in terms of the final outcome of the project I was not overly happy with the work I produced. This largely stems from my struggle to find a decent idea and concept. I think I didn't do enough brainstorming and research in the concept stages of the project. This resulted in concept art that wasn't exactly representitive of Louise Nevelson's work but due to poor time management I had to push through with the idea I had at the time so that I could make an acceptable render in Maya. In terms of the final render I was quite happy with the outcome. I spent a lot of time texturing and getting the lighting right, with nearly all the textures being painted in photoshop by myself. In the crit it was said that the lighting was too moody but I felt I achieved the look I was aiming for with the lighting which took many test renders to get right. Overall I feel that I should have worked harder during the concept phase of the project and this would have made the Maya side of the project easier for me. I feel like I don't struggle too much with Maya but rather the idea and art side, which is why on the next project I will focus more of my efforts on conceptualising the idea.

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